May 2015

Paris for Sale

My faithful companion had a birthday this week. On Wednesday Sofie turned ten years old! It’s hard to imagine… she was just this delightful little wispy puppy not so long ago.
Sofies original name was Paris! This appellation was given to her by her first owners. Two college girls purchased her after a trip abroad to France. However, they soon realized that concentrating on their education, exams and extra curricular activities was a full time endeavor with no time to train a puppy.
I wanted a new dog to fulfill the loss of my fourteen year old cairn terrier. My other terrier, Fred the Terror, needed a new friend.
Paris was for sale! I negotiated with the girls and we agreed. I became the happy owner of a four month cairn , but a Paris she was not. So she became Sofie Girl, Sweet Sofie or Silly Sofie.
She has been the most pleasant dog.Sofie girl Always wanting to please me and learn new tricks. Sofie enjoys just about anything to eat and can’t get enough of licking babies toes. The only thing she hates worse than thunder, is windshield wipers. Sofie has been a joy. I’m so glad Paris was for sale.

Don’t Let a Drip Pass You By

open wall in cottage

Have you ever noticed a wet area on a wall or ceiling? Or have you unknowingly stepped in a puddle of water that shouldn’t be on the floor? Well, I have and it usually means there is a problem. Somewhere there is a hose or connection that has become loose or has a hole. This could be a tiny pin hole but over time it can manifest into a major waterfall!
This happened at a home that I manage when the owners where out of town. A puddle of water appeared on the floor and with further investigation, it was discovered that a nail in the plywood had made the slightest hole in an HVAC drainage line. With ten years of the house shifting and settling, the nail punctured a line.
At an adorable cottage that I manage, another water issue was caused by rodents gnawing through a plumbing line. The wall in the kitchen seemed wet and when it was touched, the sheet rock was saturated. The area where the rodents entered was found and repaired so this problem would never occur again.
We love our water! The beauty of a lake or the white caps rushing to the shore, or even a tranquil bath but when it appears where it shouldn’t, then it’s time to catch the drip.


Welcome to my world wide web site! Housewise by CAL is a new business venture for me. I’m excited to offer a service that is prevalent in Florida but is now available in southeastern North Carolina to homeowners or renters .
I’m providing property owners and vacationers too, my care to be at their home when they can’t be there. I’m able to manage your household needs while you’re working, traveling, moving or any other reason that you need a reliable and trustworthy person to be at your home.
My desire to supervise and organize began as a hobby. My family or friends would ask me to help with party plans, decorate a room, be available for a maintenance call or watch their pets. Since I enjoy doing these things and the feeling of accomplishment when finished, naturally I always jump to the occasion.
One day a long time friend said “You need to start a business providing a service to homeowners offering all the helpful things you enjoy doing”. And this is how Housewise by CAL began.

PS I’ll tell you how the name developed in another blog. welcome