June 2015

Staging Junky?

Is there such a thing? I don’t know but I think I qualify. I just can’t help myself! When I walk into someones home, I immediately scan the room and think about the changes I would make. Not necessarily to my taste but how the balance, color pallet, appearance and placement could be more pleasing.
Does this art need to hang on a different wall or should a certain piece of furniture be in another location? More to the right, on an angle or under a window. Are the accessories too symmetrical, too much clutter or is the space dark and dreary. Would new paint make the room seem spacious, warm and welcome.
Many of my friends have requested my opinion or advice when they have moved, remodeled or needed to update a tired room.cottage before stagging #2 I am flattered and really enjoy the chance to be of service. So give me your empty or not so empty space to beautify.

The Uninvited Visitor

A few weeks ago I noticed a visitor at my front door. First I saw the mess on my door step, but I couldn’t detect where it originated. Days passed, the mess continued and the visitor remained discreet- unannounced.
Then on a beautiful sunny morning, my dogs were barking at the front door.I peered out the window and jumped when a small brown bird fluttered away.Upon further investigation, I saw a nest tucked in the grape vine wreath hanging on my door.The nest held many eggs. This little creature made my house its home for a while anyway. I feel blessed and a little lucky.
Several weeks have passed, the bird is not bothered when my dogs are barking.I assume it knows that the dogs are behind the door and can not hurt or disturb the little brown animal and itsbird nest on the front door soon to be family. However if I get within three feet of the door, inside or out, the little four inch wren flies away. It always returns to care for its family. For now, I won’t be using my front door. I’m hopeful that these little eggs will hatch and the uninvited visitor and the baby birds will enjoy flying in the blue skies.

Love Your Limbs

Tree limbs can seem safe and away from your home, garage or vehicle however one storm can change that situation. It is a good idea if the limbs are checked occasionally. Sometimes a small animal can burrow in a tree or a diseased limb can become weak and stressed. If not correctly tended to, they can become a serious hazard.
I walk and check the property of the homes that I manage. I’m always looking for any changes in the outside of the house, the lawn or the landscape. One particular home has many beautiful grand old oak trees.Some branches were looming very close to the roof. After a very intense week of rain, a large limb was not sitting on the roof but about two inches away just waiting for the next strong gust of wind.I called a professional tree service.
Unfortunately limbs don’t have to break to cause damage. I know of an RV that was parked on a homeowners land. A coastal storm passed and drenched the trees around the RV.Consequently a heavy branch didn’t break but had enough water weight from the rain to smash the windshield. Talk about retaining water!
On occasion look for limbs that might cause a precarious or dangerous situation. Consult a tree expert if necessary. Love your limbs.limb near roofcracked windshield on RV