August 2015

Making a House a Home



This was a fun job. Exhausting, tiring but well worth the effort.  Not only were all the boxes and plastic containers unpacked but a large tree was cut down and lots of branches were trimmed from over grown bushes. All of this needed to be bundled then hauled to the curb for organic pick-up.

Next the unpacking and arranging of the family belongings started. Wall to wall bookcases in the living room were filled with everything from reading material for children to medical reference articles. The kitchen drawers and cabinets were stocked with all the items needed to feed a family of four and some guests. Even the dining room table was set. Towels, bed sheets and toiletries lined the shelves in the linen closet. The beds were made and the bedrooms were organized. The doll house in the little girls room was precious.

After several days the empty house was completely finished. It looked inviting and comfortable. I was pleased. The new homeowners arrived and were able to settle into their first home. They were very happy!empty dining roommaster bedroom containersTo see the unpacked and staged rooms, please look at the video.only a mattresspacked boxes in kitchen





Blake is Fetching Again!

To paint or not to paint

So I painted. I painted my apple green kitchen and dining area. Not too big or too tiny but enough wall space to cover with paint.
I preformed all the necessary steps prior to painting, I was determined to lighten my room with a coat of “Spring White”. A cool breezy color to brighten the walls in my rather dark cooking and eating area. Well, after three coats it still didn’t happen! The walls were blotchy and smeary… terrible. The green apple wapainting my kitchens absorbing the spring white like a sponge. Just like in a horror movie. This went on for five days.
After the fifth day, I decided to leave it and put everything back in its proper place. It’s “grite”, not green and not white. Eventually I’ll repaint it. Maybe yellow?