Treasures Anyone?

When you have an event in your life that scares you, sometimes that’s an indication that things need to change. Maybe it’s time to organize, declutter, evaluate or downsize.

In my situation, I decided to empty the storage unit that I rented for many years. This unit was in a very nice climate controlled facility. However most of the treasures,furniture, memorabilia, photos, stuffed animals, other misc. items and just junk, didn’t belong to me. I became aware while opening boxes and containers and moving alot of furniture, that my two daughters and other family members had asked me to store an abundance of their stuff. Obviously, I had said “Yes”. So it was time to empty the space!

While my daughters and their families were visiting, we arranged, trashed, donated or relocated everything. We even sold a few things! I’m glad that we were able to get this project accomplished. Now someone else can fill it with their treasures.