What have I been Doing?

I say “It’s time”
You Say “For What?”
I say “To tell you what I’ve been doin.

First…I was asked to go to Florida by a client to prepare the contents of their house for moving . This meant packing all of their belongings in a 5000 square foot house in two weeks! Also interviewing several moving companies, arranging what furniture had to be stored and in which location and deciding what was to be donated or trashed. There was no time to do anything else but eat and sleep. However I did some binge watching before I rested my weary bones. packed boxes in FL “Outlander” is my new favorite show. By the end of fourteen days, I packed 120 boxes, picture/ mirror boxes and a variety of containers.

Second…I have been visiting and feeding two precious Siamese cats. Now this hasn’t been physically exhausting or mind consuming but a bounding experience with two very vocal and beautiful creatures.Indie relaxing
Sindri bathing One cat thought he was a bird and the other was perfectly content to act like a rabbit. Both very happy, which make me a very satisfied cat sitter.

Now that’s what I’ve been doing, on to my next venture.