Blake is Fetching Again!

To paint or not to paint

So I painted. I painted my apple green kitchen and dining area. Not too big or too tiny but enough wall space to cover with paint.
I preformed all the necessary steps prior to painting, I was determined to lighten my room with a coat of “Spring White”. A cool breezy color to brighten the walls in my rather dark cooking and eating area. Well, after three coats it still didn’t happen! The walls were blotchy and smeary… terrible. The green apple wapainting my kitchens absorbing the spring white like a sponge. Just like in a horror movie. This went on for five days.
After the fifth day, I decided to leave it and put everything back in its proper place. It’s “grite”, not green and not white. Eventually I’ll repaint it. Maybe yellow?

Go Fetch!


This is Blake. He is a 9 year old Cocker Spaniel and he loves to fetch. Anytime, anywhere and for as many times that I will throw the ball till my arm feels as if it will fall off my body. Blake is particular about only one thing. The ball must be a tennis ball. The condition of the ball doesn’t matter. It could be disintegrating to a measly few threads of rubber as long as it was formerly a bright yellow tennis ball. And there are no substitutions. If you begin the game with a certain ball, don’t try to sneak another ball into play because Blake will know it and will hunt for the original one.
Playing, walking and feeding your dog are some of the services that I offer with my business. Please contact Housewise by CAL if you need me to play fetch with your pet.

Staging Junky?

Is there such a thing? I don’t know but I think I qualify. I just can’t help myself! When I walk into someones home, I immediately scan the room and think about the changes I would make. Not necessarily to my taste but how the balance, color pallet, appearance and placement could be more pleasing.
Does this art need to hang on a different wall or should a certain piece of furniture be in another location? More to the right, on an angle or under a window. Are the accessories too symmetrical, too much clutter or is the space dark and dreary. Would new paint make the room seem spacious, warm and welcome.
Many of my friends have requested my opinion or advice when they have moved, remodeled or needed to update a tired room.cottage before stagging #2 I am flattered and really enjoy the chance to be of service. So give me your empty or not so empty space to beautify.

The Uninvited Visitor

A few weeks ago I noticed a visitor at my front door. First I saw the mess on my door step, but I couldn’t detect where it originated. Days passed, the mess continued and the visitor remained discreet- unannounced.
Then on a beautiful sunny morning, my dogs were barking at the front door.I peered out the window and jumped when a small brown bird fluttered away.Upon further investigation, I saw a nest tucked in the grape vine wreath hanging on my door.The nest held many eggs. This little creature made my house its home for a while anyway. I feel blessed and a little lucky.
Several weeks have passed, the bird is not bothered when my dogs are barking.I assume it knows that the dogs are behind the door and can not hurt or disturb the little brown animal and itsbird nest on the front door soon to be family. However if I get within three feet of the door, inside or out, the little four inch wren flies away. It always returns to care for its family. For now, I won’t be using my front door. I’m hopeful that these little eggs will hatch and the uninvited visitor and the baby birds will enjoy flying in the blue skies.

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