What have I been Doing?

I say “It’s time”
You Say “For What?”
I say “To tell you what I’ve been doin.

First…I was asked to go to Florida by a client to prepare the contents of their house for moving . This meant packing all of their belongings in a 5000 square foot house in two weeks! Also interviewing several moving companies, arranging what furniture had to be stored and in which location and deciding what was to be donated or trashed. There was no time to do anything else but eat and sleep. However I did some binge watching before I rested my weary bones. packed boxes in FL “Outlander” is my new favorite show. By the end of fourteen days, I packed 120 boxes, picture/ mirror boxes and a variety of containers.

Second…I have been visiting and feeding two precious Siamese cats. Now this hasn’t been physically exhausting or mind consuming but a bounding experience with two very vocal and beautiful creatures.Indie relaxing
Sindri bathing One cat thought he was a bird and the other was perfectly content to act like a rabbit. Both very happy, which make me a very satisfied cat sitter.

Now that’s what I’ve been doing, on to my next venture.


santa and baby jesus

This is the reason for the season!

Wishing  my family and friends a loving and peaceful holiday.

A year filled with joy, good health and lots of wonderful memories that will last a lifetime.

May we all be blessed and enjoy the beauty that surrounds us.

Making a House a Home



This was a fun job. Exhausting, tiring but well worth the effort.  Not only were all the boxes and plastic containers unpacked but a large tree was cut down and lots of branches were trimmed from over grown bushes. All of this needed to be bundled then hauled to the curb for organic pick-up.

Next the unpacking and arranging of the family belongings started. Wall to wall bookcases in the living room were filled with everything from reading material for children to medical reference articles. The kitchen drawers and cabinets were stocked with all the items needed to feed a family of four and some guests. Even the dining room table was set. Towels, bed sheets and toiletries lined the shelves in the linen closet. The beds were made and the bedrooms were organized. The doll house in the little girls room was precious.

After several days the empty house was completely finished. It looked inviting and comfortable. I was pleased. The new homeowners arrived and were able to settle into their first home. They were very happy!empty dining roommaster bedroom containersTo see the unpacked and staged rooms, please look at the video.only a mattresspacked boxes in kitchen





Blake is Fetching Again!

Paris for Sale

My faithful companion had a birthday this week. On Wednesday Sofie turned ten years old! It’s hard to imagine… she was just this delightful little wispy puppy not so long ago.
Sofies original name was Paris! This appellation was given to her by her first owners. Two college girls purchased her after a trip abroad to France. However, they soon realized that concentrating on their education, exams and extra curricular activities was a full time endeavor with no time to train a puppy.
I wanted a new dog to fulfill the loss of my fourteen year old cairn terrier. My other terrier, Fred the Terror, needed a new friend.
Paris was for sale! I negotiated with the girls and we agreed. I became the happy owner of a four month cairn , but a Paris she was not. So she became Sofie Girl, Sweet Sofie or Silly Sofie.
She has been the most pleasant dog.Sofie girl Always wanting to please me and learn new tricks. Sofie enjoys just about anything to eat and can’t get enough of licking babies toes. The only thing she hates worse than thunder, is windshield wipers. Sofie has been a joy. I’m so glad Paris was for sale.


Welcome to my world wide web site! Housewise by CAL is a new business venture for me. I’m excited to offer a service that is prevalent in Florida but is now available in southeastern North Carolina to homeowners or renters .
I’m providing property owners and vacationers too, my care to be at their home when they can’t be there. I’m able to manage your household needs while you’re working, traveling, moving or any other reason that you need a reliable and trustworthy person to be at your home.
My desire to supervise and organize began as a hobby. My family or friends would ask me to help with party plans, decorate a room, be available for a maintenance call or watch their pets. Since I enjoy doing these things and the feeling of accomplishment when finished, naturally I always jump to the occasion.
One day a long time friend said “You need to start a business providing a service to homeowners offering all the helpful things you enjoy doing”. And this is how Housewise by CAL began.

PS I’ll tell you how the name developed in another blog. welcome